Opportunities for work

Academics offer a wide variety of different teaching opportunities across a wide range of schools in the UK. However the essential ingredient is making sure you are selected for a position that suits your personality and skills set. Our international team will make every effort to get to know you and understand your individual circumstances before directing you towards only the most relevant teaching positions.

There are three types of teaching contract available and Academics will help you understand more about which option suits you best.

Long term contract

The most common and popular option is the long term teaching contract which usually runs throughout the academic year starting in September. A long term position involves having your own classroom and teaching your specialist subject to a variety of different year groups. Although you work for the school, you are employed by Academics and are paid by a payroll provider which we will help you get registered with. You are paid for every day you work with payments made weekly into your UK bank account.

Guaranteed Work Scheme (GWS) Contract

This ongoing substitute teaching contract guarantees financial security. It is a valuable way to gain experience in British schools through substitute teaching but without the same day to day responsibilities of a long term contract. It is often seen as a stepping stone for teachers who want more experience understanding the UK curriculum before committing to a long term position.

Permanent contract

A permanent position means signing a direct contract with the school and getting paid directly every month. The permanent contract often comes about when a teacher requires a work permit to enter the UK and a school has to take them on directly.


A-Day Recruitment Event

Academics also hold a number of very exciting and interactive A-Day recruitment events throughout the year giving Canadian teachers a variety of opportunities in which to meet face to face with headteachers and schools in the UK.

To find out more about this exceptional opportunity go to A-Day Recruitment Event