Teaching in the UK is an incredible journey and a life changing experience. For many years it has been the international country of choice for Canadian teachers providing a wealth of opportunity for those looking to combine the great balance of work and travel.

Why should you teach in the UK?

  • Great opportunity for long-term teaching in your own classroom
  • The choice of teaching in London, the Home Counties, Birmingham, the South Coast or North of England
  • Teach in a school matching your exact skill set, experience and personality
  • Visit top destinations around Europe during the school holidays
  • Meet new friends and share great new experiences
  • Make a difference in the lives of so many young people
  • Gain valuable experience to kick start your teaching career

Europe is on the doorstep!

One of the real highlights to teaching in the UK is the amazing opportunity of travelling around Europe. Some of the most amazing cities in the world are all reachable within a short flight from five different airports around London.

Amsterdam – 1 hour                      Paris – 1 hour                                    Dublin – 1 hour

Edinburgh – 1 hour                         Barcelona – 2 hours                        Copenhagen – 2 hours

Munich – 2 hours                             Rome – 2 hrs 30 min


How to find suitable accommodation

Finding suitable long term accommodation is one of the most important aspects to a teacher settling in the UK and Academics are here to guide you through the process by advising on suitable places to live once you have secured a teaching position.

There are four simple stages to follow:

Stage 1 – Have temporary accommodation organised before you arrive. This could be staying with friends/family or finding a cheap bed and breakfast/hotel/hostel. Always make sure you are closely located to where you planning to stay long term as viewing properties will be so much easier!

Stage 2 – Where possible, have viewings for long term accommodation set up for when you arrive in England. Your consultant will help you find appropriate estate agents in the area so you can contact directly and set up viewings.

Stage 3 – Visit appropriate properties for long term accommodation.

Stage 4 – Move in!


There are a variety of different websites that can be useful when finding a home.

Spare room/room share websites:

www.spareroom.co.uk                                                  uk.easyroommate.com

www.housepals.co.uk                                                   www.roombuddies.co.uk

www.moveflat.com (London Specific)                    www.roomhunters.co.uk (London Specific)


Property search websites:

www.rightmove.co.uk                                                   www.zoopla.co.uk

www.primelocation.com                                              www.foxtons.co.uk (London Specific)


Introducing you to new friends

Whether you’re looking to travel independently or as part of a group of friends, we feel it’s very important to give you the opportunity to be introduced to other international teachers also working with Academics. The benefits are to not only make new friends and share experiences, but to find potential new housemates as well.

Academics also run an induction day prior to the start of term in September and January where all international teachers are requested to attend. This is a great opportunity to socialise as a group having all just arrived in the UK.