A-Day Recruitment Event

A-Day is an exclusive education recruitment event available to groups of selected international teachers who are invited to fly to England for a week long trip and interview face to face with multiple schools on one specialised day.

Upon completion of the A-Day event, teachers are then carefully matched with the schools they felt best suited their personality and ability. They are then invited to visit those selected schools and teach a lesson.

This highly innovative trip also includes a day of Continued Professional Development on the UK curriculum and lesson planning prior to teaching in schools.

By the end of the week and before flying back home, the purpose of A-Day is that you’ve secured your ideal teaching position!

Taking part in A-Day is a unique opportunity for international teachers to truly experience what teaching in the UK entails before accepting a position. There really is no substitute in recruitment for being able to meet a school in person and teach a lesson in an English classroom. Flights, hotel and internal travel costs are all fully covered by Academics. All we ask in return is that you are committed to finding a teaching job in the UK!

How does A-Day Work?

Day 1 – Fly to the UK with group of Canadian teachers

Day 2 – Interview with multiple schools face to face at the A-Day event

Day 3 – Continued Professional Development day (understanding the UK curriculum, lesson planning)

Day 4 – 1st School Interview Day

Day 5 – 2nd School Interview day

Day 6 – Fly home to Canada with a job secured!

To find out more about attending an A-Day please register your details today!